Three Reasons Our Electric Vehicle Charging Unit Could Be Perfect In London


The rise of charging points are great for those with an electric car in the capital. The ratio of electric cars to charge points is ideal, but as the popularity of the vehicles continues to rise, you may need to think about finding a home charger system that can offer you fast charging, secure installation, warranty and even money back from government schemes.


At Elecquick we are proud to be a leading provider of electric vehicle charging units in London who can offer a high-quality Rolec EV Home Charger. There are many reasons why our professional team are trusted to offer the best possible options for your switch to electric energy for your car. 

To find out why our electric vehicle charging installation in London is right for your home, here are three simple reasons to choose our work: 

  1. 1. Street parking installation: Our London installation for the Rolec EV Home Charger just needs accessible street parking. We can place the charger in the right place to make it easy for charging your car.
  2. 2. Three-year warranty: All the installations we provide at Elecquick are boosted by a three-year warranty and weatherproof features to last all-year round. 
  3. 3. Grants available: The Government are trying to improve the take up of electric vehicles, so you may be eligible for a grant to reduce the price of the installation. 

If you would like to find out more about our work at Elecquick, speak with our team today

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