Why Choose Our Registered PAT Tester In London For Your Business

Maintaining safe and proper electrical appliances throughout your business is vitally important to keep your insurance in check and ensure that you are providing the most productive environment for your staff to prosper. At Elecquick we can offer you this support through our periodic PAT testing in London that will pass or highlight each of your appliances with a sticker. 

As a registered PAT tester in London we are able to provide your whole business with the electrical support that it needs both during the inspection and afterwards. If we find appliances that are not yet able to pass the PAT test or we believe that a certain appliance should no longer be used at all, we will make this clear throughout the test. 

Why does my business need a regular PAT test?

While it is not a legal requirement to have a PAT test performed on your premises, it is a vital element to the safety and security of your staff. Despite it not having a statutory footing, it is recommended by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and your insurance company that you have regular PAT testing performed across your business – helping to reduce any worries in the face of any problems during the year. 

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